Foals Page 2

Black Stallion


Sired by KG Talkin Gold 

out of Fandel Queen 

This is the LAST foal out of Fandel Queen! He is solid black minus one white pastern. He is thick and correct! Ranch horse, Rope horse, or All around, this colt is your guy! 


Classic Champagne Stallion


Sired by KG Talkin Gold 

out of Ms Cecile (Thoroughbred) 

He will be a MINIMUM of 15.3 hands! BARREL RACING PROSPECT! He is a BIG BOY! His dam has a pedigree to make your jaw drop! Then you add in his top side of Mr Illuminator! 


Sorrel Stallion


Sired by KG Talkin Gold 

out of LS Tony Gent

HEAD HORSE PROSPECT! He should follow right in his dam's shoes! She's a retired head horse, retired due to wire fence injury to her foot. His top side adds some speed with Mr Illuminator! 


Grulla/Gray Filly


Sired by Continental Travel 

out of Frosty Maid Leo 

FANCY! This filly is Thick yet super Elegant! She has been color tested and came back HOMOZYGOUS BLACK and Heterozygous Gray! She has super old lines from her dam's side like Tiger Leo and Mr Illuminator; then add in her top side of King Of The Tigers and Pretty Buck and King Cutter Jim! 


Palomino Filly


Sired by Guys Firewater 

out of Beaus Straight Ariel 

WOWZA!! This filly is PERFECT! BARREL PROSPECT! Perfect conformation and perfect little head! Frenchman Guy Granddaughter Mr Illuminator great granddaughter! What is not to like!?! 


Bay Filly


Sired by Continental Travel 

out of Libby O Cool 

I know, I know. She's a bay, with no white! BUT look past that! Her conformation is amazing! She's very curious and always coming around to take a sniff. She'd excel in any ranching program! Blantons O Too Cool and Poco Dakota Buck and many more ranchy lines in there.