1999 Palomino Gray Stallion

 'Falco' is our tried and true! He's been a part of our lives since 2004. The true heart and soul of our program. He is the perfect amount of run (Mr. Illuminator) and brains (Topsail Cody). We have used him for anything and everything. 

 Falco was kicked in the knee when he was young and in his old age has arthritis and a calcified knee. He gets injections twice a year which has kept him sound for breeding and for teaching our little girl how to sit in the saddle and balance. 

Color And Panel Results 

Color test results: ee AA ND1ND1 n/CR n/G

Homozygous for red, agouti, and nondun1 (countershading) 

One copy of Cream and Gray. 

This means he can produce: 

  • with a red mare - palomino and sorrel - with 50% chance of the foal turning gray
  • with a bay mare - buckskin, sorrel, bay, and palomino - with 50% chance of foal turning gray 
  • with a black mare - buckskin, bay, sorrel and palomino - with 50% chance of foal turning gray 

*if a mare carries dun or roan there will be a 50% of the foal having the dun gene

*if a mare carries cream there is a chance of a double dilute foal. 

Falco is also 5 panel negative. This means he will NEVER pass on MH, GBED, HERDA, PSSM1, or HYPP