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Goetz Ranch Mares

Mares seem to always be the underestimated! When they really are the MOST IMPORTANT! Why you ask? Because they are the ones raising the foals! They are the ones teaching their foals! They teach them everything!

Panel Testing

We almost have all of our mares 5 panel tested. We have nothing to hide; some of our mares might carry HERDA or GBED which will be noted in their information! These two genetic disorders are recessive and have NO EFFECT on the horse. 


Every mare will have who the are bred to or if they are open. 

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Beaus Straight Ariel

'Lilly' is a home bred and raised mare. She is a cremello gray mare. 15 hands.  5 PANEL NEGATIVE. All of her foals will be cream based and have a possibility of being gray! She has the prettiest baby doll head that's hard to find! She was never broke to ride, which was our fault as time had gotten away from us. Her dam was an amazing pleasure/ranch horse. Her sire is LS STRAIGHT TALK! Check out Lilly's pedigree: 


Lilly is bred to Continental Travel for 2020 foal! 


A Smart Dual Remedy

'Remmy' is a stunning sorrel rabicono mare. 15.3 hands. 5 PANEL NEGATIVE. This mare has a pedigree that will make you drool! 

Her sire Mathew Twenty Two is a NCHA money earner, NDHSRA Grand Champion & NDCHA money earner! 

Her dam Bird Of Prey has 84 Performance AQHA points, her ROM in Team Penning-Open, Superior in Team Penning-Open, andplaced 5th in  AQHA World Amateur Team Penning. She also has a LTE of $1,169.

'Remmy' was never shown but was used on the ranch before her broodmare career! Her foals are strong, correct, and SUPER smart! Her pedigree: 


She is in foal to LS STRAIGHT TALK for 2020 foal! 


Blue Chick Doc

'Burbon' is a big and soggy bay roan mare was used as a ranch horse for many years before she came to us for a broodmare. 15.1 hands. 5 PANEL NEGATIVE. She's got a cool pedigree mixed with speed and cow! Burbon passes on her amazing athletic abilities and brains. Her foals are very smart and quick. Her pedigree: 


She's in Foal to DUNITS CREAM BRULEE for 2020 foal! So next year her foal could be Buckskin, Dunskin, Palomino, or Dunalino! with a 50% chance of being ROAN! 


Blue Marble

'Jezebel'  is a registered Spanish Mustang. 5 PANEL NEGATIVE. 14.1 hands. She is what the Spanish Mustang Registry call Blue Corn for her color. Jezebel is broke to ride, and rides like a Cadillac. Yes she's a mustang, so she has crazy endurance and is super sure footed. Her foals excel in endurance, trail, ranch, and family horses. They are very smart and require respect. You do not train her foals like quarter horse foals. They are all about trust and respect. They also seem to attach to one person as well. Jezebel has a very rare pedigree that is hard to find now:  


She is bred to Continental Travel for 2020. This will be her 5th foal. So far she's had 2 bay roans, 1 blue roan, and this year's bay filly. 


Cassies Babe

'Cassie' is a stunning black mare that stands 15 hands. She is 5 PANEL NEGATIVE. This mare was a 3 year old when we bought her, she was never halter broke therefore was never broke to ride. She loves cookies and being by you and her foals are SUPER smart and athletic. She's got a cool pedigree:


Cassie is bred to KG Talkin Gold for 2020


CJS Smoken Roan 16

'CJ' is a DUNSKIN ROAN maiden mare. She only stands about 14.1 hands and 5 PANEL NEGATIVE. CJ is one of the sweetest mares! She's had all of her ground work done and was rode a couple times. Very sweet and willing. Super smart! Her pedigree is awesome and isn't seen often any more: 


CJ is in foal to Continental Travel for 2020 foal! So many possibilities of color on this one!