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Goetz Ranch Mares

Mares seem to always be the underestimated! When they really are the MOST IMPORTANT! Why you ask? Because they are the ones raising the foals! They are the ones teaching their foals! They teach them everything!

Panel Testing

We almost have all of our mares 5 panel tested. We have nothing to hide; some of our mares might carry HERDA or GBED which will be noted in their information! These two genetic disorders are recessive and have NO EFFECT on the horse. 


Every mare will have who the are bred to or if they are open. 

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Commercial Sails

'Cody' is a Sorrel, 15.1 hand, and 5 PANEL NEGATIVE mare. She was broke to ride as a 3 year old but was used as a broodmare since then. She's the dam of several point and money earning offspring and even some CHAMPION offspring! Cody is a granddaughter of TOPSAIL CODY and JOE CODY! you don't find that anymore! She's sired by MR IMPERIAL DOC: AQHA Open Reserve World Champion Junior Reining. ROM Reining. AQHA Performance Point Earner, Money Earner.  

Cody's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/commercial+sails 

Cody is in foal to LS Straight Talk for a double bred Topsail Cody foal! If it's a filly, we will be keeping it! 



'Babe' is a home bred and raised mare. She's 14.3 hands and is an absolute cookie monster! Very sweet personality. Babe was never broke to ride because while she was at the trainer's she slipped on ice and broke her hip when she did the splits. 2020 will be her first foal! Her dam was a broodmare for us until the day we had to put her down. This was her second to last foal. Babe holds a very dear spot in our hearts. Her dam was a really good western pleasure mare. Babe's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/continentalyjoakking 

Babe is in foal to KG Talkin Gold for 2020. 


Cuties First Delta

'Delta' is a 5 panel negative, 16.2 hand barrel racing mare. She has been used for barrels for many years before I got her. I used her last year to barrel race, but didn't this year as I was too busy putting up hay and fencing. Delta is FAST and can turn on a DIME! She's big but knows how to move her body well! She is a maiden mare and 2020 will be her first foal. Delta is Appendix registered so her foal will also be Appendix. Delta's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/cuties+first+delta  

Delta is in foal to KG Talkin Gold for 2020 foal! 


Frosty Maid Leo

'Tiger Leo' is one of the biggest bodied mares we have. She stands 15.1 hands and is 5 PANEL NEGATIVE! We call her Tiger Leo because she has him ON HER PAPERS! Not only that, she's also a granddaughter of MR ILLUMINATOR! Tiger was used as a ranch horse up in Cananda for several years before she was turned into a broodmare. I was told there was nothing she couldn't handle. She's an all work kind of mare and isn't much for affection. We have only owned her for 3.5 years now. Check out her pedigree:  


Tiger Leo is in foal to KG Talkin Gold for 2020


LH Lenas Little Chick

'Ruby' is a retired ranch horse due to a foot injury. She's 15.1 hands and is 5 panel negative! Her personality is very sweet and hard working. Very quick footed and always ready for the job at hand. If you get her real excited, she can be very hot but very manageable. Her foals are easy natured, smart, and willing. They put their whole heart into what you are training them for. Ruby is a granddaughter of CATALENA BOY! And on the top side is JESSIE TIVIO and SUN FROST on her papers! Check out her pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lh+lenas+little+chick 

Ruby is in foal to Dunits Creme Brulee 2020! 


Libby O Cool

'Libby' is solid black mare who stands 15.1 hands. She is also 5 PANEL NEGATIVE! This is one of the prettiest and fanciest mares we have! She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is outside! She was never broke to ride but I thought she was  with her great disposition and have rode her a couple times. I wondered why she never neck reined, but when I called her old owners they told me she was never broke! Well, she doesn't buck or act silly. 

Her sire is BLANTONS O TOO COOL:  Team Roping - 2001 FQHR Reserve Champion Open Heading, 2001 FQHR Top 5 Open Heeling, 2000 FQHR Champion Am. Heeling, 2001 FQHR Champion Open Breakaway, 2004 Bold Heart AQHA 4th Place Working Cow Horse, 2004 Black Hills Stock Show Super Stallion. 

Libby's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/libby+o+cool 

She's in foal to Dunits Creme Brulee!!!!