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Goetz Ranch Mares

Mares seem to always be the underestimated! When they really are the MOST IMPORTANT! Why you ask? Because they are the ones raising the foals! They are the ones teaching their foals! They teach them everything!

Panel Testing

We almost have all of our mares 5 panel tested. We have nothing to hide; some of our mares might carry HERDA or GBED which will be noted in their information! These two genetic disorders are recessive and have NO EFFECT on the horse. 


Every mare will have who the are bred to or if they are open. 

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Libbys Cool Travels

'LC' is one of our home bred and raised! She's 5 PANEL NEGATIVE and 15.1 hands. Her sire is Continental Travel and her dam you just saw on Page 2, Libby O Cool! She's loaded with dun factor and was a breeze to break to ride! She has awesome cow sense and really likes to work! Her first foal is just started under saddle and has been the same way for them. Easy to work with and wants to learn! Nice working pedigree, check it out:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/libbys+cool+travels 

LC is in foal to LS Straight Talk for 2020!


Love My Fancy

'Fancy' is a tried and true original Goetz Ranch mare! We got her the same year we got LS Straight Talk! This mare stands about 15 hands and has the prettiest head you've ever seen! Although she was never halter broke, her foals are athletic and super smart. They are always ready for job no matter how big! Her foals seem to excel in rodeo and ranch work. She has nice older lines that you don't see any more! Fancy is 4 PANEL NEGATIVE. She has one copy of GBED. To learn more about that click here. GBED will have zero affect on the foal. It's only lethal in homozygous form! None of my stallions are carriers. Check out Fancy's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/love+my+fancy 

Fancy is in foal to KG Talkin Gold for 2020! 


LS Folly Bar

'Jessie' is another home bred and raised mare! 5 PANEL NEGATIVE and stands 15.2 hands! This pretty gal is bred to RUN! She's always in the lead of the mares. She was broke to ride and my friend was going to run her in barrels but she had moved away before the season had started. Jessie's sire is LS Straight Talk and her dam was Sugar Bars bred. Jessie is always ready for action. Her foals are FAST, SMART, and BUILT RIGHT! Check out her pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ls+folly+bar 

She is in foal to Continental Travel for 2020.


LS Tony Gent

'Anna' is a HUGE, SOGGY mare that is a retired head horse. She had injured her hoof. This mare could hold a bull! She stands 15.1 hands and is 5 PANEL NEGATIVE! She's a paternal half sister to LS Straight Talk! This mare consistently raises a build correct foal that's smart and willing. Check out her pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ls+tony+gent 

Anna is in foal to KG Talkin Gold for 2020


LS Tony Starbrite

'Tony' is an awesome reining bred mare! She was started into the reining world and shown a couple times but unfortunately had some bad luck. My trainer called her strong, smart and really wanted to please. She was always eager to show. Her first show out she lost a shoe while showing which got her DQ'd. Then the other shows were cancelled because of a strangles outbreak. Tony had her first foal in 2019 and she was a stunning filly that we are going to retain for our program if not sold soon! Tony's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ls+tony+starbrite  

Tony is in foal to Dunits Creme Brulee for 2020! 


LS Tonys Sea Bar

'Sea Bar' is a big 15.1 hand bay roan mare. 5 PANEL NEGATIVE. She was another ranch horse and was also used in a few roping jackpots before we got her. She's been here for a long time! She's raised many foals that have went on to be great ranch using horses! Her foals are very smart and want to please. They are also very versatile! Check out Sea Bar's pedigree:  https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/ls+tonys+sea+bar 

Sea Bar is in foal to Continental Travel for 2020.