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2009 Bay Dun Stallion 

'Gunner' was purchased as a yearling with intentions of getting broke and gelded. I was so impressed with his mind and build that I just couldn't geld him. I'm so glad that I choose not to. He has been out producing himself. His foals are very easy to work with and eager to please. 

Gunner is a cow eating machine! He has that natural cow ability that's hard to find. When out with the cows he will actually cut one off and keep it sorted off all by himself. He does it for fun. 

He is also Double Registered with AQHA and FQHA at 98.44%!

Color and Panel Tested

Color Test Results: EE Dd Aa  

Homozygous Black - he will never sire a sorrel foal.  One copy of Dun and Agouti

He can produce:

  • when bred to a sorrel: grulla, black, dun, or bay  
  • when bred to a bay: grulla, black, dun, or bay          
  • when bred to a black: grulla, black, dun or bay 

*when bred to a mare that carries cream you can have a chance at buckskin, dunskin, smokey grulla, or smokey black.   

*when bred to a roan - there is a chance of all those colors plus roan!   

Gunner is 5 panel negative - he will NEVER pass on GBED, HERDA, PSSM1, MH or HERDA! 

$500 Stud Fee

Live foal guarantee!